Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Hello All,

Wow, really a year has gone by, that's crazy! I have been having problems on this blog. First, I was having problems with uploading pictures. I gave up and well, I'm trying it again. Today, I tried to add some things and Blogger kept giving me some error messages. I hope it's fixed.

I have been busy, but honestly, it hasn't been with much scrapbooking stuff. I have to confess to a little addiction I had starting in December...Twilight! I kept hearing about these darn books, and I really didn't think I would care for them, well I was wrong, lol. If you've read them, you probably understand what I mean. Anyway, now that I've read and reread them all several times and concluded another series (Outlander), I am ready to be back in the scrapbooking saddle again. My creative side it just itchin' to do something and Disney was the way to start.

I am doing three Disney World books. A 12 x 12 for the Family, 8 x 8 for Camryn and another for Curtis. The family one will be done in just Red, Black, White and Yellow, the kids will be any colors. I doing them all together, so we are all on the same page. Curtis is old enough where he can help me, so I've been letting go (some) of my control and letting him help me. I think I took over 700 pictures, so that gets a little pricey for double, triple prints. I have done up to day 2 and already my book is getting thick, eek! Right now, I'm planning some workshops and working on a few other projects, but then I will start back with the Disney albums. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pages so far.

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Aislinn said...

hello i was wondering if you had anymore grins and giggles line?! i love it and i started an album with the same paper and stickers for my disney album. let me know. thanks