Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Round Robin

This game is so much fun to do and it's so neat to see every one's creative side. It's called Round Robin and I saw it first on a SIS TV episode, only they did scrapbooking pages. Haven't tried that, but the cards seem to be less intimidating, but still gets those creative juices flowing.

When doing cards, I feel that you need to have a group of no more than 5. If you have a larger group, than break off to smaller groups.
Setting Up you will need: One card base for each person, different color cardstock scraps, different pattern paper (that coordinates), variety of stamps and inks, embellishments such as, buttons, brads, ribbon, ribbon, distressing tools, scissors, punches, a variety of adhesives and a timer. I put all these things in the middle of the table for everyone to reach.

1. Everyone picks their card base to start. The time keeper sets the timer (I usually do 2 minutes, depending on how many people). You get two minutes to start a step on the card. Beware, not to do too much the first step, for when it gets to the last person, they need to be able to do something too. The Step is up to the creator. They may choose to random stamp on the base or they may want to distress the base or they may want to stamp on a separate piece of cardstock to cut out.
Tip: I don't let anyone glue anything to the card base till the last step, that way there is more freedom for the others to create on the card as they choose and it gives the last person with the card something to do.
2. After the 2 minutes are up you let everyone finish their design process and then everyone passes their card to the left. Now you will be adding a step to the card that the person next to you started. Again, each person adds their touch to the card. It can be more stamping, distressing, adding a different piece of paper, using the decorative scissors, or maybe coloring in a design.
3. 2 minutes are up, pass the card again to the left and create some more.
4. Again pass the card to the left, at this point the card will be getting close to done. Before it returns to the person that started the card, it needs to be finished. This is when it should be all glued down. After the 2 minutes are up, the next step is passing it to the person who created the card.
I love to see what everyone does with the card that I start. I might have a vision of what I see my card to be and start to design it a certain way, but by the time I get my card back, it has gone a totally different way. Which is so cool, because I think, Wow, I never thought to do that. Now you have a card that all your friends helped create.

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